Kenny’s Rib Joint – Annie Lee

Item Number 6301

Catalog #2218

Limited Edition Sculpture From The Annie Lee Neighbor-Hood Collection

Dimensions 5 x 6.25 x 4.

Some say the ‘hood has nothing good

But it was home to a girl

Who lived and loved and learned life there

Now sharing it with the world


The city streets were fertile soil

From which rare fruits were grown

Bright shops, good food, sweet smells, the blues

Inspiring our nation’s own


Annie Lee with fond memories

Paints up a lively past

Of the places in her neighborhood

So much more than brick and glass.

-D. Joy Smith

Kenny’s Rib Joint – Annie Lee

Product Description

Welcome to “Kenny’s Rib Joint”, an exquisite and timeless masterpiece crafted by acclaimed artist Annie Lee! This breathtaking sculpture is a tribute to her award-winning “In the Neighbor-hood” collection, a series of iconic paintings depicting scenes from the artist’s childhood. Annie Lee has cultivated a special kind of art that never fails to captivate the hearts of viewers and capture the beauty of everyday scenes.

This exquisitely detailed sculpture features charming characters complemented by intricate elements from everyday life. This artful piece celebrates the nostalgia of down-home eateries found near our homes and in small towns across America. Whether it’s authentic barbeque ribs, hand-pressed burgers or deliciously battered fish. “Kenny’s Rib Joint” invites you in for a taste of days gone by.

Annie Lee captures the vibrant splendor of a simpler life and reflects it through her whimsical and imaginative works. Her distinctive style has been cherished by art collectors and is sure to delight fashionistas too. With so much to allure, this is an amazing addition to any décor or design setting. It promises to be a treasured statement piece that whispers delight and joy in every detail.

Make “Kenny’s Rib Joint” part of your collection and have a timeless piece of art from the In The Neighborhood collection in your home or office today!

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