Clowning Around by Thomas Blackshear


Item number 31005F

Catalog #2220

First Issue Sculpture On Wooden Base From The Thomas Blackshear Jamboree Parade Collection.

Clowning Around

Setting a heartwarming example as they stride along the parade route, the young boys in Clowning Around demonstrate the carefree joys and easy friendships that children share so naturally. like all good clowns, the two are dressed in a wonderfully unexpected mixture of colors and patterns. Even in their heavy circus make-up, it’s easy to see how their faces shine with uninhibited delight as they wave their bright-hued banners and look forward to a day filled with nothing but fun.

Clowning Around by Thomas Blackshear

Product Description

“Clowning Around” from Thomas Blackshear’s Jamboree Parade collection is a whimsical ode to the joy of childlike innocence and carefree relationships. Delicate renderings of couples, families, friends and neighbors bring to life the tenderness that only childhood can bring. This parade of merriment is perfect for art collectors who appreciate whimsy in their collection.

“Clowning Around” brings out the carefree joys and easy friendships that children share so naturally, creating an atmosphere of comfort and delight in any space—whether at home or in the office. These playful clowns maintain incredible detail. You won’t be able to take your eyes off each smiling face! Make every moment count by adding a touch of happiness with Clowning Around by Thomas Blackshear. It’s the perfect addition to any serious collection that wants to make viewers smile with joy.

With his beloved use of vibrant colors and attention to detail, Thomas Blackshear brings each piece alive with enchanting details that you are sure to love. Clowning Around makes for a wonderful addition to any home — it will be sure to spread cheer around the room! Don’t miss out on this delectable parade of happiness — include Clowning Around by Thomas Blackshear in your collection today.

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